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Dr. Malachi York Is FREE!!! This is a statement made by those who love and fight for the freedom of the Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi Kobina York, aka Dr. Malachi Z York and even misnomered Dwight York. Why do we say he is free?  Because we know as ancient Egiptians, also spelled Egyptians, we had the power to manifest thought into reality.  We know that anything created in the physical world is a mere duplicate of the reality created in the mind first.  Therefore, everything is a manifestation of thought. Thought in itself has size, weight, shape and colour.  To create a force you need a mass in motion.  We take that thought, Dr. York, a 33rd degree freemason is FREE, and create a mass.  The more positive thoughts thinking on this accord, the more mass.  The more mass, the more force until that thought manifests itself in the physical world. Here you will find a collection of information on the Master Teacher Dr. Malachi Kobina York, by various Nuwaupians from all over the globe.  We will discuss the facts about his unjust case.  We will discuss how he, Dr. Malachi York, had impacted our lives.  We will discuss the most dynamic doctrine to hit this planet, Wu-Nuwaupu. So, take a journey with us and add to the momentum of positive thoughts towards a reality manifested, DR. YORK IS FREE!! Admin@dryorkisfree.com

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