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On January 23rd, 2003 Dwight D. York (henceforth referred to as “York”) waived his indictment (legal document #79) thereby giving the U.S. Attorney the added option of prosecuting by information (USAM Title 9 #209/#206). From this point York began plea negotiations with U.S. Prosecutors and his Defense Counsel.  After entering a plea agreement of 15 [...]

 Dr. Malachi Z. York Lost His Presumption of Innocence

Dr. Malachi Z. York was falsely arrested on May 8, 2002 A.D. for charges that lacked sufficient evidence from the beginning.  The charges started with Sheriff Howard Richard Sills in Putnam County Georgia.  This sheriff, who has displayed bias throughout this entire case, admitted to coming from a background where the people around him viewed [...]

 Dr. York Positive Media Campaign

This is Huni Sen Atum-RE.  Here is a way for all of us to help our Master Teacher.  Several Nuwaupians have come together to help change the negative information related to our Master Teacher, H.E. Dr. Malachi Kobina York.  With the tremendous research by our brother Ptah RE Amun, we have an opportunity to increase [...]

 Injustice Must Not Be A Threat

In the word of Dr. Martin Luther King Jr., “Injustice anywhere is a threat to justice everywhere.” Where is that injustice?  Injustice like a snake meandered its way into the life of Dr. Malachi K. York, dragging with it lies, corruption and deception.  An innocent man being charged and found guilty of transporting children for [...]

 Never Stop Fighting For Justice And We Will Win

Troy Davis last words were of his innocence and wanting his family and anyone who cares for justice to continue to prove his innocence.  In the last line of his letter he stated, “Never stop fighting for justice and we will win”. That is what all citizens of The United States and Human Beings of [...]

 Become A of the Solution. Free Malachi K. York

There’s a expression that states, “If you’re not part of the solution, than you’re part of the problem.”  The problem is an innocent man ( Malachi K. York) is incarcerated in a maximum security prison for 135 years for charges he is innocent of.  Those charges were child molestation and racketeering. No evidence has ever [...]

 Malachi York Wrongfully Arrested

On May 8, 2002, Dr. Malachi York was falsely accused and arrested of ridiculous, trumped up charges, fabricated by disgruntled former members of Malachi York’s church.  Sheriff Howard Richard sills along with other racist public officials in the small town of Eatonton, Ga. plotted to remove Dr. Malachi York and his congregation from 404 Shadydale [...]

 Witnesses Admit Being Forced To LIE On MALACHI YORK

A daughter of leader Malachi York testified she was urged by her brother to lie to authorities by saying her father molested her.  Leah Mabry, 23, told a federal jury her brother, Jacob York, has a vendetta against their father, the leader of the Nuwaubians.  He hates him, Mabry said.  Five young women that Malachi [...]

 Judge C. Ashley Royal Biased from the Beginning of Dr. York’s Trial

Judge C. Ashley Royal has shown bias and prejudice throughout his entire time as the presiding judge over the case of Dr. Malachi Z. York.  We will take a look at exerts from the pre-trial  hearing that took place on December 30, 2003 A.D.  This is an example of the blatant disregard for the law [...]

 Dr. Malachi Z York, A Victim of a Corrupt RICO Case

Dr. Malachi Z York was sentenced to 135 years for RICO charges and violations of the Mann Act.  These two classifications of alleged crimes are unrelated yet they were conjoined in a bias trial.  Let’s analyze more of the trickery violated against Dr. York. Now RICO is Racketeering Influenced and Corrupt Organizations.  This sounds heavy [...]