The Raid On The Nuwaubian Land Through My Eyes

C. G. F. Turner is a 20 year veteran of the U.S. Marine Corp.  He is also a proud Nuwaubian and a avid supporter of the freedom and innocence of the Master Teacher, Dr. Malachi Kobina York.  He was present at 404 Shadydale Rd. on May 8, 2002 A.D. when it was raided by federal agents and local and surrounding counties law enforcement agencies.  Imagine the disappointment of someone who dedicate 20 years of there life to the United States only to see representatives of this same country violate all that he fought for.   Read the horrible reality from his perspective.

“The raid was launched because an overly zealous Sheriff by the name of Howard Richard Sills wanted us dead.  He expected us to open up with movie like characters and start firing at the FBI. If we didn’t do anything wrong, we would have no reason to do that. In light of the fact that they came to our property like professional law enforcement (other than a few Gung Ho agents), and we have never, as an organization, had problems with law enforcement other than Sheriff Howard Sills. We had no problems with his deputies (unless they were with Sills). We had members at the time that were part of the Monticello, Ga. Police department. We also had members on the Macon Police Department.  Nuwaubians have a saying that we got from Mr. Malachi York and that saying is, “don’t believe me, and check it out”. If it wasn’t for the fact that the Federal Bureau of Investigation was so professional, we might have had many lives lost. As I was running to the gate, I thought an escaped convict was on the land and I was running to the agent to tell them the best way to get around the land by vehicle. It wasn’t until someone in front of me (my eyes were focused on the gate), said “get your hands up; we already have Reverend York and his wife in custody”. That’s when I realized things were bad.

We have never had problems with the Police until Putnam County Georgia with Sheriff Sills. We didn’t have problems with the entire Sheriff’s Department. They had some pretty nice deputies on that department under Sheriff Sills. We were okay with Sheriff Russo before Sills. I think Sills was brought in to get us out and he did his job. So, this former Marine can’t enjoy life the way he wants to legally and as I said in the cover letter, I am learning about what happens to a race of people who wants to study his own race that is not White. The Nuwaubians are a predominately black organization with white and oriental members in it also. The 476 acre property that we owned sat on some very prime space that others wanted because we were off of Highway 142 (a state road), that was a short cut to Reynolds Plantation. Why was a raid necessary? Why couldn’t they subpoena us to court? Sheriff Sills came on our property many times). Some times he came with the Building Inspector and sometimes he came with another deputy filming license plates of our vehicles with no warrant.

With our organization being at the location that we were, it meant that people heading towards Reynolds Plantation would pull off the road to see our Egiptian theme park and spend dollars with us. The Putnam County hierarchy didn’t want that to happen for people whose freckles were too close. As you can see from the pictures, we had many members and we had real Egiptian Ceremony’s. (We spell Egipt with an “I” and not a “Y”). The problems that Sheriff Howard R Sills had with us, The Nuwaubians, was that we appeared to have too much in a town that still has the once a year “Uncle Remus”, road race. The home of Alice Walker of “The Color Purple” fame.

Everywhere that Nuwaubians go, we wake people up by way of facts. Everything that we teach can be researched; so now the “so called”, lowliest of the Negroid people and other ethnic backgrounds can converse and teach actual facts that were in front of our faces all along and we never paid attention to them.  Ego causes anger when someone tells miss information that has been passed on for many years and they are corrected on that misinformation. There is no group of people in America that has so many people, particularly black people picking up books. Why? Because it is about them. Mr. York is an extremely kind man. The epitome of manners.

He, Jake York, Malachi’s non-biological son, was jealous of his father and his blood children. So that becomes a problem when a person looks you in the eyes and says that’s not correct when wrong information is given.  He appeared to have with us was that it was too much property for a bunch of “colored”, people. They were successful in taking our property as they have done to Black People for decades; and to think; I served this country.

I was a licensed security officer at the time with a company called Amen Security. I was also licensed by the State of Georgia as the training officer. All security companies in Georgia are required by law to have a training officer or have access to one. Our security company was owned by a Monticello Police Department Police Corporal by the name of George Jackson.

Sheriff Sills was used to just having his way; and I as a licensed security officer at the time respected the law and expected the Sheriff to do the same.”

C. G. F. Turner

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2 Responses to “The Raid On The Nuwaubian Land Through My Eyes”

  1. Claude G F Turner Says:

    Thank you for posting my summary of the report to the United States Attorney General. It is so sad how the media gets on the band wagon and follows what the status quo says rather than follow the facts. As Mr. Malachi Kobina York once told us, “Their are three sides to every story. Their is your side, my side, and then their is the truth.” I would hope with this blog, people would begin to research this whole case. Maybe the right person could get in contact with me and we could get this to the Judicial Review Board to investigate the Judge in this case. Judge C Ashley Royal was a very biased judge and a disappointment to me and America’s legal system. We have Nuwaubians in Afghanistan fighting for this country and our judicial system in the United States is so corrupt. I don’t know if you are allowed to do this or not, but you can leave me email address up if any of your readers would like to make contact with me or if you wish, I can make contact with them by way of your site being a moderator. Tawuhaat!!!

  2. prince dagon bey Says:

    peace this is the sort of thing that the rich or wealthy members of governments world wide do. when ever you threatens ones wealth you become a target. Blacks or Muurs is the prime target. We have the worlds wealth in our hands and we to much influence over the rest of the world. Collectively we must work together not only to free people like Dr. Malachi Kiboni York, but to put a stop on the Oppression that these corporations, and poses. You can hit me up anytime we need to figure other things out! this sort of stuff must stop!


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